Republic of Mamwald



Population of approximately 950,000

  • Dwarf 1%
  • Elf 2%
  • Halfling: 92%
  • Human: 5%

Capital City - Dinasycarlydabwyd, population approximately 120,000

Official language is Mamwalish with Gransian also spoken by a large minority of the population. Mamwalish is a fast, often confusing language with an extremely long alphabet and an extensive library of idioms used in daily conversation




Exports ale, food of all varieties, and tobacco
Heavily agrarian and internally still trades goods more than using currency
Allegedly home to an organized crime syndicate that reaches across the island


Gerontocracic Republic, ruled by a council of elders from each shire led by Berwyn Driscoll as its Eldest member


No national military to speak of
Each shire maintains its own militia


The Republic of Mamwald is the oldest standing government on the whole of the island. Consisting of two dozen formerly tribal territories of halflings now known as shires, their council of elders have stood for generations upon generations. Until recent history, Mamwald was almost entirely populated by halflings and to this day is still the most racially homogeneous of the four nations of the isle.

During the conflicts of the other nations, Mamwald maintained a policy of complete neutrality. They have no formal military but have managed to remain neutral because they grow and export a large portion of the food consumed by the inhabitants of the isle, particularly for Dom Pod Gora which is why they remained unscathed throughout the conflict.

When the Dark Dragon appeared, the elders of Mamwald were instrumental in sealing it as they actually had record of it in their oral histories passed from bygone generations. Because of this role and their stance of neutrality, the elders mediated the peace treaty between Granseal, Em’lemar, and Dom Pod Gora. These events led to Mamwaldians gaining more exposure to the world and the exodus of many halflings from their ancestral homelands as well as a moderate spike in immigration.

Republic of Mamwald

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