Duwiausereninism is the primary religion of the Republic of Mamwald though it is by and large only followed by the nation’s halfling population. More a system of superstitions and ritual than a formal religion, Duwiausereninism has near universal acceptance amongst the Mamwaldians and even in other nations due to being largely inoffensive and not particularly conflicting with other beliefs, much like the Mamwaldians themselves.


  • The stars represent the thousands of deities that watch over all living things
  • The gods are to be heeded and prayed to for guidance but not particularly worshiped
  • Failure and success can be attributed to the god of the undertaking, be sure to pay tribute and not offend them
  • Sometimes, the gods walk amongst us in disguise, so be kind to strangers for you never know who they truly are
  • When you die, you go to the stars to join the gods and may even become one yourself in time, so make sure you’ve at least one area of mastery before then


  • Priests of each god all have different titles related to their specific god
  • Ritual is a hugely impart part of Duwiausereninism as every god has rituals that can be performed to beseech favor for every action they oversee
  • Births are tended by priests of several gods relating to birth, the place the child is born, the time of day, and so on, all seeking their god’s favor to grant fortune to the child
  • Coming of age is when rituals are expected to be taken more seriously as it is generally accepted that the gods are forgiving of children
  • Like birth, death is overseen by several priests relevant to the where, when, and how the person died, all hoping to guide the spirit to its proper place in the stars, sometimes competitively so


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