Sinya Kemen



Sinya Kemen, or Light Within Life, is the current dominant religion of the Dominion of Em’lemar after it formed from a combination their ancient Kemeniism beliefs and the Church of the Sacred Radiance of Granseal. The religious reformation was met largely with open arms as it seemed to be a natural progression with the advancing society, though it was not without its resistance as a faction of the country has defected to a more traditional way of life.


  • All things have souls but only the souls of the people have the spark of the true spirit of the divine
  • Respect the life in all things and be thankful when it is sacrificed for your betterment
  • The body is temporary but the soul is eternal, you’ve lived many lives before and will live many more
  • The light of the divine is inside you and it is up to you to make it grow, feed it daily with creation and knowledge to pass on to your next life
  • There is no greater sin to your past or future than to live a life wasting the gift of your light


  • Priests, regardless of gender, are referred to as Speakers and primarily serve as a conduit between the unfettered souls and the living
  • Religious ceremonies are small and largely informal affairs revolving around the sharing of experiences from ones past lives as they discover them
  • Births are overseen by a priest who will attempt to read the souls awaiting the baby’s birth and ensure that a worthy one is given the new body
  • Coming of age is celebrated as the soul accepting the body and the two becoming one, ceremonies are held annually at local temples and involve group communing
  • Death is both mourned for the loss of an individual and celebrated for the fact that they will return, funeral services are typically little more than short prayers followed by solemn but joyous celebrations

Sinya Kemen

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