Linjekonstian, or Followers of Linjekonst, Order Incarnate, is the only religion with any significant presence in the whole of Dom Pod Gora, not least because the nation was under ecclesiastical rule until the Treaty of Granseal abolished their religious government. Since then, religious devotion has dwindled some, perhaps due to the church no longer ruling the nation or perhaps due to the increased presence of foreigners, but the teachings if not the structure of the religion have remained at the core of the Goran way of thinking.


  • The world was created in perfect order by Linjekonst and only by purposeful acts against him is order disturbed
  • Order is foundation of life and to allow chaos is to invite ruin
  • Worship the gifts of Linjekonst’s earthen bounty by mirroring his perfect order in your creations
  • The rule of law laid forth by Linjekonst’s creations is as just as if he created it himself
  • Upon death, you will be weighed by Linjekonst’s judges and returned to a new body to perfect yourself if you are found wanting


  • Priests, regardless of gender, are referred to as a Master because in order to become a priest they must be a master of a craft, typically masonry or metallurgy
  • Crafting of any sort is considered a sacred act and worship services typically involve a group creation of something with a heavy focus on the sacred geometry of the object
  • Births aren’t tended by a priest but if a child is born anywhere outside a room created to the standards of Linjekonst, it is an ill omen for the child’s future
  • Coming of age is solemn affair as the chaos inherent in all children is expected to leave them, often under threat of punishment
  • Death is often met with trepidation and often a flurry of activity as one nears the end of their life as the ultimate goal of any follower of Linjekonst is to be found worthy by him


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