Kingdom of Granseal



Population of approximately 3.6 million

  • Dwarf 3%
  • Elf 10%
  • Halfling: 12%
  • Human: 75%

Capital City - Granseal City, population approximately 375,000

Official language is Gransian which has become the unofficial but accepted common language of the island. Gransian is a confusing language of homophones and inconsistent grammar but is easy enough to be understood while speaking even without a fluent grasp.


The Church of the Sacred Radiance
The Cult of the Divine Penumbra


Exports horses, spirits, seafood, textiles
Prominent banker, distiller, and fisherman guilds
Extensive trading by sea


Absolute Hereditary Monarchy, ruled by King Wilhelm Gran XVI


Known for mounted and naval supremacy
Famous for the Shining Force, a mercenary company known for its powerful heroes and is the de facto special forces of Granseal


The Kingdom of Granseal, formerly the Kingdom of Gran, was originally founded in the year 500 BC by the first human settlers to the island. Little information exists of their homeland before coming, only that they were refugees from some great disaster. Over time, they became one of the preeminent kingdoms of the land, expanding rapidly yet managing to ingratiate themselves with the native nations, especially the halfling communities, rather than war with them.

During the War of Goran Aggression, King Gran XIV rose to eminence when the Dark Dragon appeared. In the year 1 AD, he sacrificed himself to create the Gran Seal, locking the Dark Dragon away in the Seal Tower, a natural rock formation in the shape of a spire, and ending its destruction. In his memory, the remaining leaders and the now King Gran XV, only twelve years old at the time, named the resulting peace treaty after him, a treaty which united all of the nations under one federation on the newly named Isle of Granseal.

Since then, the now Kingdom of Granseal has greatly prospered, not only because of the increased trade with its neighbors but because of the reparations owed by Dom Pod Gora. Their navy was re-purposed from military to trade and exploration, though after several failed expeditions to find their ancestral homeland (or really any other land masses), further missions were cancelled and most non-trade ships were dismantled or scuttled.

Most recently, Granseal is celebrating the recent coronation of King Wilhelm Gran XVI which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Granseal. A week of festivities is planned to celebrate both occasions, something the common folk have been looking forward to for months.

Kingdom of Granseal

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