Dominion of Em'lemar



Population of approximately 2.2 million

  • Dwarf 4%
  • Elf 72%
  • Halfling: 5%
  • Human: 19%

Capital City - Mecielle, population approximately 250,000

Official language is Emelmarese with Gransian also spoken by the majority of the population. Emelmarese is a very tonal and sing-song language, melodic to those who know it but difficult to follow for new learners


Sinya Kemen
Ancient Kemeniism


Exports artisan crafts, confections, wine
Well-known for its arts, fashion, and food
Only nation to have an established market for magical goods


Constitutional Elected Monarchy, ruled by Queen Martine Byàl


Known for mobile skirmishing forces and ranged superiority
Only nation to tame and utilize Cur’oiseau, giant flightless birds, for their Ailé Gisa mounted combat units
Military units always include at least one magic user


The Dominion of Em’lemar formed out of over a dozen neighboring elf tribes well over 2,000 years ago. The tribes had formed a mutual alliance to combat incursions from other fledgling nations. Eventually, the alliance cemented itself into a permanent government centered around the lands of the Lemarran tribe. The leader of the Lemarran tribe was selected to be the new nation’s first king with the leader of each other tribe making up the nation’s parliament.

Christened Em’lemar, the new nation prospered now that it was no longer constantly warring, inside or out. Culture flourished as people now had time to devote their attention to the arts, creating beautiful architecture that blended with their animistic beliefs. The formal study of magic was also born in Em’lemar during this time as curious minds peered further into the unknown that how to consume your enemies with fire.

During the War of Goran Aggression, Em’lemar was first and hardest hit by the Goran forces, many of its border settlements being occupied until the end of the war. This led ultimately led to an alliance between Em’lemar and the Kingdom of Gran forming which persists to this day in the form of favorable trade and cultural exchange.

Previous exposures to other cultures had a powerful impact on Em’lemarran spirituality as concepts of organized religion, previously entirely unknown, began to take root. The alliance with Granseal and occupation by Dom Pod Gora only furthered the foreign cultural exchange. This led to a schism in the nation as the newly organized religious sects clashed with those clinging to the ancient animist ways which has most recently resulted in small skirmishes as some settlements have attempted succession from the nation to return to the old ways.

Dominion of Em'lemar

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