Ancient Kemeniism



Ancient Kemeniism, or simply Kemeniism by its followers, is the old religion of the Dominion of Em’lemar prior to the creation of Sinya Kemen after exposure to other cultures led to the religion organizing more formally. Followers tend to prefer a more ancient, traditionally elven way of life and have largely left the cities for the woodlands of Em’lemar, though conflict of the two religions is still common despite the seclusion.


  • All things have souls and all should be treated as equal to the people
  • Only take from the world when necessary and treat the sacrifices with proper respect
  • The body is temporary but the soul is eternal, you’ve lived many lives before and will live many more
  • Your next life may take any form so be sure to educate yourself on all life has to offer in order to be prepared
  • Hubris is the doom of the people, do not fool yourself into thinking your soul is superior to any other


  • Priests, regardless of gender, are referred to as Seers and primarily serve as a conduit between the souls of the people and the souls of the rest of the world
  • Religious ceremonies are often little more than sitting together in a glade and communing with the souls around you, taking in their knowledge and sharing yours
  • Births are usually overseen by a midwife but without religious influence as the right soul will find the body on its own
  • Coming of age is celebrated as a time when the body and soul are finally in unison but have little fanfare other than accepting that fact
  • Death is both is seen with no more fear than nightfall as your soul is simply leaving this form for another one and will not be unfettered for long

Ancient Kemeniism

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