Berwyn Driscoll

Eldest of the Mamwald Council


Berwyn Driscoll is an ancient halfling, his exact age known only to himself but he is well over a century old. He has been the leader of the Driscoll clan for longer than most clan leaders have been alive and has been the Eldest of the Republic of Mamwald council for the last 30 years, almost becoming a complete leader rather than the head of a council.

Incredibly wise and still mentally sharp if not physically spry, Berwyn is universally loved in his homeland for leading them to the prosperity they have enjoyed throughout his lifetime and for deftly navigating their neutrality during the war. He is known for being very stern but fair in his dealings, always seeming to have the upper-hand over his opponents simply by studying and conversing with them for a minute or two.


Berwyn Driscoll

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