Adventures of the Shining Force

Onto the Mainland

The following morning, in return for the gift Hench had given them, the village elders gifted him a Tengu Charm, a very princely gift for an outsider to receive. They sent Akihiko, one of their young hunters, to guide the group back to their ship and guide anyone back to their village who desired to visit and learn from them. A few members of the crew disembarked, mostly academics like cartographers and linguists, before the ship flew off to the mainland for the party to disembark and continue their exploration.

Across the narrow sea, the members of the Shining Force were dropped off by the Invincible to be left to their own devices for some time while the ship went back to the tengu village. Not wanting to leave them entirely stranded, Sir Astral gave them a small glass orb that they could shatter to communicate with him one time, enough to send a message for him to come pick them up or to send help if desperately needed.

The new land was much different than the tengu’s island chains, a vast beach as far as the eye could see in either direction with an ocean of tall prairie grass before them, the landscape largely flat except the occasional grassy knoll. They headed to one of the hills to try getting a better view, surveying the land while Sorrowsong send her familiar into the sky to scout the area. Through the birds eyes she saw a vast mountain range in the distance and a campfire not too far from them but her concentration was interrupted when the ground beneath their feet began to shake, not an earthquake but rather the hill itself was standing up. Jumping down, the group was greeted face to face with a giant turtle seemingly made of or covered in stone, the grassy hill actually its shell.

The turtle, his name not given because he said it would take too long to tell them, was a spirit of the land and had just finally gotten to sleep for the first time in ages. He was too tired to punish them though and instead told them to watch out for his followers, beings he said looked like the group but also like him. Satisfied they were now going to leave him alone, he laid back down, grumbling about how it would be another 100 years before he was able to fall asleep again.

Not wanting to disturb the spirits any more, the group avoided any other hills and continued towards the campfire they saw. As they drew near, they were ambushed by a group of small humanoids that bore a striking resemblance to various colored hares, long ears and all. Once each side had determined the other was peaceful, the leader of the group, Scabtha, led the party to his campsite. They were a group of Coinin, rabbit folk who were part of a greater group known as the Creimire that lived on the plains along with many other peoples. They were responsible for hunting and gathering food and supplies for their tribe and were on their way back to their dens. The party, having proven themselves to be diplomatic and generally of a pleasant disposition, and clearly all well-armed too, was invited to accompany the hunting band as they headed home. They would be able to meet many more of their clan there and find out more about the strange new land they found themselves in.


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