The Shining Force



The Shining Force was founded in the year 8 AD by Sir Astral, the company’s original captain and only founding member still with the organization. The Force quickly gained a reputation for being able to handle even the most difficult of contracts which just as quickly filled their coffers.

The Force rose to true fame when they rescued the then child Wilhelm Gran XVI from the Cult of the Odd Eye after the King’s Knights had been almost entirely wiped out in their attempt. Since then, they have had a standing contract with the royal family of Granseal, serving as the nation’s de facto special forces.

The force is headquartered amongst Granseal’s nobility in the Andrigal Mansion, an opulent home given to them as payment for a prior job to an Emelmarese noble. The mansion grounds are sprawling, especially for being technically in the city, and include a garden tended by one of the force’s druids and a guesthouse converted into a public inn and tavern known as The Manticore’s Tale.

Recently, the force has undergone a recruiting surge as a majority of its ranks either retired, passed, or went missing in action over the last few years.



Sir Astral


Alton Underburrow
Fée Fou
Lekki Młot
Michel Andrigal
Rodimus Thatcher


Gantry Laakso
Gwyn Black Raven
Harron Calleneire
Ingen Heartmender
Khal-Bagsh “Brick” B’rikHaym
Master Hjalmar Brightforge
Tharivol Yalen

Former Members

Queen Martine Byàl

The Shining Force

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